I do not only do a wedding photography. I love landscape, portrait and street photography. I also deal with film photography.

During my “photographic journey” I am inspired by a body of work of great photographers such as Elliot Erwitt, Henri Cartier-Breson, Ralph Gibson, Ansel Adams and many others masters of photography.


Photographing the Wedding...

I try not to disturb and not distract the bride and groom, but also to be close and document the most important, emotional moments. I do not to torment with posing or setting up shoots, I know it’s tiring.

My aim is to shoot your story in an emotional, creative and very natural way, to tell a story like it is, without a lot of intervention . 20 or 200 guests, high end or budget, a grate palace or a small hall… it doesn’t matter… what matters is your love.



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