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One of the best Wedding Venues in Ireland - Ballymagarvey Village Review.

Looking for best, romantic and luxury wedding venues in Ireland? I will help you find the best. Today I will write about a very romantic and unique venue for your special day. .

Steeped in history and set within acres of beautiful unspoilt countryside, Ballymagarvey Village offers the perfect setting foryour special day.

Ballymagarvey Village is an exclusive venue where there are no interruptions or distractions, just you surrounded by the people you love on your special day. The relaxing surroundings and warm homely feel make Ballymagarvey Village a truely unique venue for your Wedding Day.

What they offer...


Relax, unwind and absorb the peaceful atmosphere of this special place. As you enter the Courtyard you will notice the old cottages now beautifully restored. Sleeping up to 80 guests in total we offer superb accommodation for your family and friends.


Centuries ago several families lived and worked in Ballymagrvey each with their own special responsibilities. The cottages attached to Ballymagarvey Manor, housed the Maid and children's Governess. The Mill Foreman and Mill workers toiled in the Flaxmill, while the Farrier shoed the horse. The Courtyard has been restored in every way to reflect how it looked when first built all those years ago.

The Mill Pond

Come, sit by mill pond and admire the of the swans the water ducks and rainbow trout. This is a place tranquility. With the orchard, the wishing well and little rustic bridge, this is the perfect place to unwind.

My opinion...

Beautiful venue, beautifully decorated with a magical atmosphere. The service is very good and care of a consultant (and other stuff) very professional. Impeccable food and drinks. The rooms are nice and clean and well decorated - as with the rest of the Village it was to a very high standard. The price is not low, but you pay for high quality and stunning service.

Highly recommend to getting married here!

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